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San Mateo County Large Animal Evac

San Mateo County Large Animal Evac (SMLAEG) provides evacuation services and shelter for large/farm animals in the event of disaster, such as wildfire or flood, or in other emergencies. These efforts include the evacuation of animals, caring for the animals in holding areas after evacuation, and facilitating the return of animals to their owner/agent. SMCLAEG is activated by the San Mateo County Office of Emergency Services, or other first responders, and its efforts are staffed by SMCLAEG's core team members and volunteers.

SMCLAEG is an all-volunteer 501c3. The group also provides preparedness workshops and site inspections upon request.

HOW TO CONTACT SMCLAEG: In an emergency, call 911. Tell dispatch that you need the services of the San Mateo Large Animal Evacuation Group.

BE PREPARED! Visit to learn more...

Steinbeck Equine Veterinary Clinics works with SMCLAEG as their primary veterinary contact to advise on planning evacuations and during emergency evacuations.



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