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Our staff is at your disposal in the Bay Area — from San Francisco to Monterey — 24/7/365. Board-certified specialists are available for diagnostic consultations, evaluations and/or critical interventions. Our specialists offer expertise in internal medicine, surgery, diagnostic imaging, equine sports medicine and rehabilitation, lameness, epidemiology, nutrition, reproduction, dentistry and a wide variety of therapeutic modalities.

Emergency, Specialist and Second Opinion Consultations

We know that personality fit, communication style and trust are all important factors in selecting the right equine healthcare providers. But there may be times when your primary care veterinarian cannot respond in an emergency, when you wish to consult a specialist, or seek a second opinion. In those situations, we will always respect your relationship with your regular primary care veterinarian, extending professional courtesy when you ask us to collaborate. 

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We Partner Respectfully with Professional Colleagues

We sincerely value our relationships with referring veterinarians, trainers and other equine professionals. When we are called upon to consult, we will always respect and honor your relationship with your client, we’ll keep you informed on every case, and appreciate any feedback you wish to share.

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