Did you miss our virtual
education event on May 27th?

You might want to check out the video of the talk and related resources.

Did you miss our virtual
education event on May 14th?

You might want to check out the video of the talk and related resources.

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Friday-Sunday, May 8-10, 2020

• • •  For Veterinarians Only  • • •

ISELP offers a comprehensive program of advanced education in the field of equine lamenesses and osteoarticular, musculotendinous and nervous pathology, covering the different parts of the locomotor system of the horse.

Cocoa in Heart 245x245.jpg

July 29, 2020: Patient Spotlight

Cocoa’s Comeback

Cocoa is a much-loved miniature mare who lives at Nestldown Therapeutic Riding Center in Los Gatos, California. After suffering a dislocation of her hip joint, her only option was surgical intervention...

Equine West Nile Virus-Web-News.png

June 26, 2020: Health & Safety News

First 2020 Case of Equine West Nile Virus Reported in California

With a fatality rate greater than 30%, WNV is serious. Read the CDFA alert, which includes info on clinical signs, diagnosis, treatment and prognosis, and learn about measures you can take to protect your horse.

Nora w New Handheld Ultrasound Unit.jpg

May 29, 2020: Mobile Practice News

Our New Handheld Ultrasound Unit is Great for Use in the Field

Our doctors are very excited about our new handheld Butterfly ultrasound unit. Especially convenient for quick field use, it sends images directly to a mobile phone or laptop. Dr. Grenager is assessing this horse for colic.

EDCC COVID-10 vs Equine Coronavirus LO.p

April 15, 2020: Health & Safety News

Equine Coronavirus is Not the Same as COVID-19

Equine coronavirus is not considered as having a risk of transmission to humans. It is not the same as the strain of coronavirus referred to as COVID-19, which is associated with the current worldwide human pandemic.

COVID-19 Equine Facilities - The Horse-0

April 9, 2020: Health & Safety News

COVID-19 Resources for Equestrian Facilities in California

The state of California has issued guidelines for equestrian facilities to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

COVID-10 Protocols-LOREZ.png

April 4, 2020: Health & Safety News

Important New COVID-19 Protocols

We'd like to make you aware of our new protocols following CDC and AVMA recommendations, and request your cooperation as we continue to provide health care services to your horse(s)...

COVID-19 Horse Owner Help - The Horse-01

March 26, 2020: Health & Safety News

Horse Owner Help During COVID-19

What to do if you need help feeding your horses after a COVID-19-related job loss, and how to help others if you don’t.

EDCC COVID-10 and Equine Coronavirus-01.

March 24, 2020: Health & Safety News

EDCC Launches Online Resource

To have a central source for accurate information, the Equine Disease Communication Center has published resources on its website featuring items to help horse owners navigate this pandemic.

COVID-19 & Barn Safety Ttips AAEP.jpg

March 23, 2020: Health & Safety News

COVID-19 & Barn Safety

Here's an infographic from the American Association of Equine Practitioners (AAEP) about keeping your barn safe. Please read and share this important information.

Plavet Equine Hospital Monitoring Crop R

March 22, 2020: Hospital News

Hospital Patient Monitoring

Our new Piavet devices allow our staff to monitor our hospitalized patients’ vital signs 24/7 in real-time, from any work computer! This allows us to respond immediately to any changes in your horse’s status.

Henry Jasper Ridge Farm Mini 245x245.jpg

August 20, 2019: Patient Spotlight

Henry's Success Story

Jasper Ridge Farm helps people facing physical and emotional challenges, through therapeutic interaction with a variety of animals like Henry, a miniature horse who dislocated his shoulder...

Polo Horse Post Rehab.jpg

April 13, 2020: Patient Spotlight

Mare Returns to Polo after Successful Fracture Treatment

Wounds near joints and tendon sheaths should always be treated as an emergency because early diagnosis and appropriate intervention can be life-saving.

Icelandic Ponies Laughing 245x245.jpg

August 30, 2019: Clinic News

We've Merged!

Peninsula Equine Medical Center and Steinbeck Country Equine Clinic are excited to announce our merger! We'll now be able to make it even easier for you to get the equine medical and surgical support you need...

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