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Community Education

Seminars and Events

We often host educational seminars for clients and community members and participate in community events. Join our email list, check the News/Events section of this website or watch our Facebook Page for upcoming seminars and events.


If your school or community group is hosting an event in which you'd like us to participate, please email us with details.

Volunteer Opportunities

Opportunities for volunteers (18 and older) are sometimes available. If you'd like to learn more about volunteer opportunities at our clinics, please email us and tell us about yourself, your equine experience, your interests and which of our clinics is most convenient to your location.

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Educational Resources

The Resources section of this website offers a wide variety of articles on equine health issues, authored by our veterinarians, as well as other great educational materials including a downloadable Activity/Coloring Page for Kids.

Check out all the educational articles and information in the Resources section of this website...

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