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Preventive Care

Wellness care helps keep your horse healthy. Our preventive services can be provided at your location or at one of our outpatient clinics. If you don't already have a primary care veterinarian, we have many to choose from on our team. As a part of our goal to keep horses happy and healthy, we recommend annual wellness and oral exams, along with keeping up-to-date with vaccines and deworming. Additionally, equine insurance plans, colic programs and competition organizations may require proof of preventive care protocols. 

Annual Wellness Exam

A wellness exam includes checking all major functioning systems for early detection of diseases that could be detrimental to your horse’s future health. 

Annual Oral Exam

An oral examination should be performed at least once yearly to assess health of the teeth and mouth. This doesn't necessarily mean that the horse will be due for dental floating and equilibration, but the best way to know when they will be due again is to perform an oral exam annually. Learn more about our Dentistry Services...


Regular vaccination against preventable and often life-threatening diseases is important not only for your own horse's health, but also for the health of any other horses with which your horse may come into contact and herd outbreak mitigation. We can help you determine the appropriate vaccination schedule for your horse, based on environment, age, activities, travel plans and any pre-existing health conditions. Our vaccines are guaranteed by the manufacturer.

Deworming and Fecal Egg Count

Deworming can help protect your horse from issues that may be related to strongyles (internal parasites), like colic, weight loss and diarrhea. Regular fecal egg counts (FECs) can be useful for identifying those horses that shed more or less strongyle eggs and therefore may need more or less aggressive deworming protocols. We recommend providing a fresh manure sample to your veterinarian at your annual wellness exam, so that we can perform a fecal egg count to determine the optimal protocol for your horse.

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Remember to provide us with information on your showing schedule and FEI passport status, so that we can help you keep your horse current for any USEF or FEI vaccine requirements for competition.

Find more information about vaccination and deworming in the Resources section of our website...

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