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Sports Medicine & Rehabilitation

Specialists on team of staff veterinarians include Diplomates of the American College of Veterinary Sports Medicine & Rehabilitation (DACVSMR) who focus on addressing the unique physical challenges of sport horses and other equine athletes engaged in activities such as racing, roping, dressage, jumping, eventing, endurance and polo.


We advocate for the optimized health, improved performance and injury prevention that can be achieved through proactive, specialized veterinary services, such as in-depth physical examinations that include biomechanics, whole body musculoskeletal analyses, exercise physiology and sport-specific strengthening programs. We can help you create a health and wellness centered training plan designed to reduce setbacks in competition schedules. 


Our specialists also support equine athletes with comprehensive lameness assessment and interventions including the latest diagnostic imaging, therapeutic modalities and rehabilitation techniques to help them recover from injuries and maintain peak performance. 

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Find more information about sports medicine and rehabilitation in the Resources section of our website...

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