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We encourage you to submit questions that would be of interest to other horse owners. We are unable to provide specific medical recommendations regarding your horse in this forum. 

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Our Veterinarians Answer Your Frequently Asked Questions

AOV-Blood Work.jpg

This simple yet vital procedure can greatly contribute to the well-being of our majestic friends! Find out why we believe in routine bloodwork enough to discount it with Spring and Fall vaccinations. 

AOV-AAEP Recommended Vaccines.jpg

Vaccination not only protects individual horses but also helps reduce the risk of disease transmission across the equine population, promoting overall equine health and welfare.


Professional dentals play a critical role in maintaining the health and overall well-being of our beloved horses. Learn about the importance of annual dental care and how it benefits your horse...


The question of whether horses need to be blanketed is a common one, and making an informed decision about whether to blanket your horse in cold or inclement weather depends on various factors...

AOV-Foot Poultice How-to Box-01.png

The veterinarian prescribed a foot poultice to treat an abscess. I’m not sure how to go about securing the poultice to the bottom of my horse’s foot... What’s the best way to wrap a bandage all around the hoof?

AOV-Lower Leg Banage How-to Box-01.png

How do I securely wrap a bandage around my horse’s lower leg? 

AOV-Oral Meds How-to Box-01.png

Could you please give us some pointers on giving horses liquid medications, supplements and dewormers with an oral syringe? I’ve tried but my horse always seems to spit it out! Help!

AOV-Vital Signs How-to Box-01.png

If my horse doesn’t seem to be feeling well, I’d like to know how to check her vital signs — things like heart rate, breathing and temperature. How do I go about taking my horse's vital signs? 

AOV-Equine Coronavirus and Humans.jpg

Equine Coronavirus and Humans

Is there a connection between equine coronavirus and novel coronavirus? Is it possible for humans to develop some immunity through long term contact with horses who may have developed immunity to equine coronavirus? What are the risks of novel coronavirus living on horses if an infected person grooms or touches them?

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