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Our comprehensive reproductive services range from breeding modalities for stallions and mares to foaling supervision.

Stallion Services

  • Breeding Soundness Examination: Includes general physical examination and measurement of external genitalia, acquisition of culture samples from the urethral fossa and semen, at least two collections to monitor for stallion libido, semen motility and morphology, and EVA blood test.


  • Semen Collection: We offer individual collections for your mare or for other mares ready to breed to your stallion. We also offer training of your stallion to the phantom for collection.


  • Semen Processing and Storage: On-site processing is available following collection, to evaluate semen and prepare it for shipment, including measurement of semen concentration and motility, and proper extending and packaging of semen to ensure it arrives in a timely manner with high motility. Freezing of semen can be performed following a series of tests to verify which extenders offer the best post-thawing motility. Frozen semen storage options are available for shipping at a later date or for breeding your mare when she is ready.

Mare Services

  • Breeding Soundness Examination:  May include evaluation of external conformation, vaginal speculum exam, ultrasound of the reproductive tract, uterine culture and sensitivity


  • Tracking of Estrous Cycle for Breeding: A rectal ultrasound exam can be used to track your mare’s cycle by following follicular and uterine edema development. This facilitates an appropriately timed breeding.


  • Reproductive Treatments: If your mare requires intrauterine treatment for resolution of infection prior to or post breeding we have an in-house laboratory to evaluate uterine cytologies, cultures, and antibiotic sensitivities. This ensures the best treatment options for your mare in a timely manner. We are also able to monitor and treat mares for fluid accumulation prior to and post  breeding, which increases the chance of conception. Uterine biopsy and endoscopic evaluation can also be performed to further assess problem mares.


  • Breeding Options: We offer breeding with fresh, fresh-cooled or frozen semen. Breeding can be performed in the field, or your mare can be boarded at the clinic. Our in-house laboratory is available to evaluate semen quality and motility prior to breeding, which helps to decrease the chance of uterine reactions and increase the likelihood of conception.


  • Embryo Transfer: This procedure is available if you do not want your mare to carry a foal due to her show schedule, previous difficulty with birthing or a previous injury. With correct synchronization of cycles, we are able to place a collected embryo in a recipient mare you own or ship it to a surrogate mare elsewhere.

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Foaling Services

  • Maiden Mare, Problem Mare or Your First Equine Pregnancy: Outside turnout is available during the day, with large foaling stalls for overnight monitoring. We offer 24-hour observation and physical examinations, with an option to place a Foal Alert device for advanced monitoring ( Ultrasound evaluation is available for confirmation of correct orientation of the foal, as well as tracking the fo or placenta if a mare is experiencing problems.


  • Peace of Mind: There is no additional cost for a veterinarian to monitor and make sure the birthing process is going to plan. Specialists are available for unexpected emergency situations with either the foal or mare.


  • Post-Foaling Care: Initial post-foaling care is provided and includes making sure the foal stands and nurses within the medically desired time frame, as well as making sure the mare passes her placenta and is monitored for post-foaling colic signs.

Download and print our Foaling Poster

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Find more information about equine reproduction in the Resources section of our website...

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