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Professional Horse Haulers Based in Central and Northern California

Whether you need to transport your horse across the county or across the country — to a new home, to a show, or for medical care — it’s good to know that there are several professional horse haulers and equine transport experts you can call upon who are headquartered in the Steinbeck Peninsula Equine Clinics service areas in Northern California and near the Central Coast. The list below includes experienced horse haulers who have reported that they carry liability insurance.

Professional horse haulers based in California

This is not a comprehensive list. If we missed you and you would like your professional horse transport business included on this list, please email our web team and provide your phone number so we can contact you for details.


Please note that Steinbeck Peninsula Equine Clinics is not affiliated with, does not endorse, nor has any business relationships with the individuals, companies, and groups on this list. Also note that descriptions of listed haulers’ services and equipment may not be complete or up to date so please inquire for specifics when you contact them.


John Algire  (831) 262-8440

  • Based in Prunedale; goes anywhere as far as LA and up into the SF Bay Area

  • 24/7 service; will take emergencies

  • Equipment: 4-star 3-horse slant with living quarters / 2-horse slant bumper pull


Light Star Horse Transportation (Terry Konkle) — (877) 254-5112

  • Hubs in Gilroy, CA and Lexington, KY; specializes in long-distance hauling covering U.S. and Canada

  • Equipment: Ranges from multiple semis for long distances to goosenecks for local/regional trips to smaller pickup trucks with trailers for local deliveries or emergencies


Stacie McGrady — (831 )455-5098

  • Based in Hollister, primarily goes to South Santa Clara County, San Benito County, Monterey County but will go as far north as SF Peninsula (but prefers not to go to East Bay or further north)

  • May be available for night hauling for local emergencies; offers emergency boarding and layovers; worked at SPCA

  • Equipment: Multiple 4-wheel drive trucks and trailers including 3-horse gooseneck and 4-horse bumper pull — both slant load; 2 livestock trailers


Alisha Robinson Horse Transport — (707) 292-5153

  • Based in Cotati; primarily does long hauls in CA, OR, WA and works with JetPets (international equine transport services)

  • Primarily does horse show hauling; does not do short or emergency hauling to clinics

  • Equipment: Head-to-head 7-horse makes 3 boxes / 2 more 7-horses that are reverse slants and make 4 boxes / 8-horse / 6-horse


Turchet Transport (Giselle Turchet) — (650) 303-9940

  • Hubs in Woodside, CA; Los Angeles; Medford, OR; covers all of U.S. and Canada

  • Equipment: 2 semis, 3 4-horse head-to-heads, 8-horse head-to-head — all with ramps; plus 2-horse (or single horse box stall) for emergencies or local deliveries — step-up (no ramp)


West Coast Vista, LLC (Mark Vanover) — (831) 234-5930

  • Based in Watsonville; multiple drivers cover all of California, Oregon, Nevada, Idaho

  • Can call any time; contracts with Santa Cruz SPCA; will do trips to UC Davis to do necropsies

  • Equipment: 6 various sized slant-loads with ramps


Ray Woods — (831) 245-5050

  • Based in Hollister, goes as far east as Sacramento and south to LA

  • Would prefer a call ahead of time, but will take emergencies when able to, and offers night services

  • Equipment: 6-horse Sooner / 4-horse Exiss / 4-horse Hart / 18' livestock / 2-horse slant

There are several Facebook Groups (discussion groups) that can also serve as resources regarding horse transport — just a few are listed below, and you can search Facebook for others. These are private groups that you will need to join to read or post reviews, learn about available transport opportunities or post your own needs, and check out other posts. Note that these groups offer services from both professionals and non-professional resources so please do your own careful research:







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