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Is Pro-Stride Right for Your Horse?

Steinbeck Peninsula Equine Clinics are always proud to offer the latest in regenerative medicine, including Pro-Stride® APS joint therapy, which we've recently added to our extensive arsenal of therapeutic modalities along with regenerative medicine procedures such as IRAP, PRP, and stem cells therapy.. We are extremely happy with the success our patients have had with Pro-Stride. Following a single injection, Pro-Stride has clinically demonstrated pain relief in horses for up to 52-weeks.

Pro-Stride is an Autologous Protein Solution (APS) containing a high concentration of cells, platelets, growth factors, and anti-inflammatory proteins to treat inflammatory processes in joints. This all-natural, drug-free option takes 20 minutes to process with no incubation time and treatment can be provided in a single visit. An additional benefit of Pro-Stride is that there is no withholding time for both FEI and USEF events.

How It Works

In degenerative joint diseases, such as arthritis, inflammatory cells bind to the cell receptors on the joint surface and starts breaking down the cartilage. Cartilage breakdown leads to joint damage and pain. Interleukin-1 (IL-1) and tumor necrosis factor alpha (TNF-alpha) are two major pro-inflammatory proteins, also known as cytokines, which lead to the degeneration of the joints.

Pro-Stride works by blocking these pro-inflammatory cytokines from binding to the cartilage surface. APS is concentrated plasma with white blood cell proteins and enriched platelet growth factors derived from the horse’s own blood. Specifically, Pro-Stride APS is a high concentration of interleukin-1 receptor antagonist (IRAP) that is 5.8 times more concentrated than blood. These receptor antagonists promote natural joint healing processes.

The Process

The Pro-Stride processing unit is mobile and the entire process takes about 30 minutes. Blood is drawn from the horse then placed in a centrifuge to be spun down. Then plasma is removed and the remaining PRP suspension is extracted. This extraction is then added to an APS concentration device which undergoes mixing, then is spun down once more. The resulting product is Autologous Protein Solution (APS). This can then be injected into the joint by your veterinarian all at the same appointment.

Talk to us to see if Pro-Stride is the best treatment choice for your horse!

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