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August 20, 2019: Patient Spotlight

Henry's Success Story

We're always pleased to highlight successful cases! On June 18th, 2019, one of the Jasper Ridge Farm miniature horses, Henry, dislocated his right shoulder...

Steinbeck Peninsula Equine veterinarians Amanda Hedges, Russ Peterson, Katelin McKeown, and Mackenzie Adams worked to manually manipulate the shoulder back into place. Unfortunately, this was unsuccessful and further diagnostics revealed that the dislocation was complicated by joint capsule and ligamentous tearing, as well as a hereditary osteochondral humoral head defect. Henry was splinted while numerous veterinarians from around the world were consulted on this uncommon case.


Renowned equine locomotor veterinarian at CIRALE Institute (France), Dr. Jean-Marie Denoix consulted on Henry’s case, as well as CSU radiologist (Colorado, USA) Dr. Kurt Selberg and numerous other equine veterinarians from both across the United States and abroad.


Henry stayed at Steinbeck Peninsula Equine in Menlo Park while his leg was splinted and he received daily laser therapy, treatment, and re-assessments by doctors Russ Peterson, Amanda Hedges, Jackie Dietrich, Lauren Work, Katelin McKeown, and Megan Righi. After numerous consultations, the consensus was that Henry would need surgical intervention in order to obtain joint stability to allow him to continue his job helping others at Jasper Ridge Farm.


The veterinary surgeons of Steinbeck Peninsula Equine Clinic in Salinas were ready and excited to help Henry receive the best surgical care. On July 31st, Henry underwent a five-hour surgery to fuse his shoulder joint and place hardware with 11 screws to stabilize the joint. Radiographs and a CT scanner were used to plan and execute the surgery where they used a custom fitted plate from a human medical device company. Doctors Tim Eastman, Nick Carlson, and Danica Wolkowski were successful in their surgery.

Henry returned to Steinbeck Peninsula Equine in Menlo Park on August 5th where friends could visit while we monitored his recovery. 


We are excited to report that on August 16th, after saying goodbye to the Steinbeck Peninsula Equine team, Henry was able to walk into the trailer and return home comfortably to Jasper Ridge Farm.

We are proud to donate our time and resources as the regular veterinarians for Jasper Ridge Farm, which helps children and adults facing physical and emotional challenges, through therapeutic interaction with animals.

Henry Jasper Ridge Farm Mini crop.jpg

Way to go Jasper Ridge Farm and Steinbeck Peninsula Equine! 

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