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April 5, 2023: Clinic News

Steinbeck Peninsula Equine is Now Part of an Elite International Network of Equine Veterinary Practices

The Altano Group, based in Dulmen, Germany, has acquired Avanti Equine, the U.S. practice management organization we joined in February 2022. Altano supports more than 450 outstanding equine veterinarians across eight countries, combining primary and preventive care practitioners with specialists in all areas of equine medicine and surgery.


What will change? 


  • As part of the Altano family, we will have direct communication with a global network of leading veterinary specialists. 


  • Our local veterinary team will benefit from a host of educational and development opportunities to keep us at the forefront of veterinary medicine. 


  • With access to the joint purchasing power of this larger network, we will be able to continue to acquire and maintain the leading-edge technology and equipment that keeps our facilities among the best in the nation.


What will stay the same?


  • We will continue to operate as Steinbeck Peninsula Equine Clinics, with the same team members providing you with unparalleled equine health care services at our hospital facilities in Salinas and Menlo Park, as well as at your locations throughout the San Francisco and Monterey Bay Areas.


  • We will not waver from our commitment to providing the highest standard of care for our equine patients, thorough communication with and caring compassion for our clients, and respectful collaboration with referring veterinarians and colleagues.


Altano shares our passion for horses, equine medicine, and education. By adopting the “Altano Spirit,” we will continue to give our best for every horse we treat, cooperate as a sustainable global network of vets and clinics, and constantly develop and share our knowledge as we strive to be the world’s leader for equine medicine.

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