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Lideo Rivera Martinez LR.jpg

Lideo Rivera Martinez


EHV  Virtual Client Education Event Soci

If you missed Dr. Grenagers presentation on Equine Herpesvirus Myeloencephalopathy, we will be posting the edited recording within the next few days and will provide a link to it here, as soon as it is available. (We apologize to anyone who may have tried to join late and was not admitted to the Zoom presentation.) In the meantime, you can learn more from these resources:
•  CDFA: Equine Herpes Virus

•  AAEP: Equine Herpes Virus Resources

•  AAEP: Equine Herpes Virus FAQ

Abrial Sullivan temp headshot.jpg

Abrial Sullivan

Veterinary Technician

Sunshine Silva 20151124-_17A0475 LOREZ.j

Sunshine Silva

Veterinary Technician


Luis Martinez



Jessica Beattie LR.jpg

Jessica Beattie


Primary Clinic: Salinas

Lauren Corey Crop.jpg

Lauren Corey


Primary Clinic: Menlo Park

Victoria Howe LR.jpg

Victoria Howe


Primary Clinic: Salinas

Mika Polniaszek LR.jpg

Mika Polniaszek 


Primary Clinic: Salinas

Laurel Saldinger - Crop.jpg

Laurel Saldinger


Primary Clinic: Menlo Park

We also host educational events for professionals, such as an annual ISELP Symposium...

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