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Victoria Howe


Primary Clinic: Salinas

Victoria grew up in Carmel, California. She started riding at an early age and competed in the sport of three-day eventing while growing up. Victoria’s love of horses turned into a passion for veterinary medicine.


Dr. Howe attended Cal Poly in San Luis Obispo, completing her Animal Science degree in 2015. After that, her plans took her to veterinary school in Scotland, where she was awarded her Bachelor of Veterinary Medicine and Surgery (BVMS) from the University of Glasgow. Victoria absolutely loved her time in the United Kingdom, but was thrilled to be back in California to complete her internship at Steinbeck Peninsula Equine Clinics, after which she joined our team as a staff veterinarian in 2021. Her professional interests include equine surgery, reproduction and sports medicine. 


In her free time, Victoria loves going to the beach, riding her horse Missy, and hiking.

Victoria Howe Water Jump.jpg
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