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Nikki Stoke

Veterinary Assistant

Primary Location: Salinas

Nikki was born and raised in Royal Oaks where other than living in Southern California for a short time, she has spent most of her life. The majority of Nikki’s work experience has been at small animal clinics, however she has always had a passion for horses. She got her first horse at the age of 7, and not long after, she discovered Equestrian Vaulting and has been involved in and performing in vaulting ever since. Nikki has had the opportunity to travel to Europe several times to train and compete with her team.

In her down time, Nikki enjoys working with her second horse, a Hanoverian gelding who has taught her more than she could ever imagine in the short time she has had him. She also enjoys being outdoors and has a passion for equine rehabilitation and animal rescue. She is so grateful to have the opportunity to work at Steinbeck Peninsula Equine. She feels so at home and like this is what she is meant to be doing and cannot wait to grow in the equine field!

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