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Lachlan Benoit

Veterinary Assistant

Primary Location: Menlo Park

Adopted at birth from New York, Lachlan grew up with two older siblings in a small town in New Hampshire. At age 7, he began riding English and jumping; rode until he was in middle school; then took a hiatus until he moved to Southern California, where he worked as an exerciser rider and cared for 63 horses at the Orange County Polo Club. He also worked as a private groom and taught summer camp riding lessons in SoCal.

Lachlan’s goal in life since he was a child has been to work with equines and someday open his own wild horse sanctuary. Toward that end, he volunteered at a farm animal sanctuary called The Gentle Barn and was able to work closely with a wild mustang who had dwarfism and was blind in her right eye. Lachlan reports, “That was the most eye-opening experience I’ve ever had, seeing how animals come in traumatized but are able to work through it by putting their trust into kind-hearted people.” He says that becoming an equine veterinary assistant will give him the opportunity to learn and grow so in the future he’ll be able to use what he learns to pursue his dream. He is also attending Southern New Hampshire University (online), working toward his bachelor’s degree in Sociology.
Lachlan considers himself “a huge cat dad.” He immediately misses his black cat Coco and Kiara, his Siamese, the second he leaves to go anywhere. He enjoys relaxing at home with his kitties and watching Disney+. Since moving to the SF Bay Area, Lachlan has also been spending much of his free time exploring the beautiful parks and nature preserves. And, since he does not currently have a horse of his own, he’s looking for opportunities to ride!

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