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Giga Cullen

Facilities Manager

Primary Location: Salinas

Giga was born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Raised between Brazil and Hawaii, the ocean was her passion, but her hidden talent and love for horses were to change her life. Giga had been studying at the University of Hawaii, pursuing an Animal Science degree and managing a pony farm on the north shore of Oahu when, in 1978, she was offered an opportunity to manage the school horse operation at Riley Wilson’s Hunter/Jumper barn in Laguna Seca. So she moved to Salinas. Her interest led Giga to assist Dr. Deter and Dr. Fowler with the broodmare operation at the Laguna Seca Ranch Stallion Station. This breeding farm stood Thoroughbred, Quarter Horse, Warmblood and occasional Arabian stallions; mares were foaled and covered; weanlings and yearlings trained. At its peak, the station cared for up to 400 head.

In addition to her role as Hospital Manager at Steinbeck Peninsula Equine in Salinas, Giga handles stallions and assists with the reproductive program including shipping and freezing of semen and embryo transfers.

Giga enjoys trail riding and jaunts on the beach with her dog.​

• 2000 joined SCEC
• 2009 attended Large Animal Microbiology Emersion Clinic, Littleton, CO
• 1980-2000 Large Animal Vet Corp., Veterinary and Radiology Technician
• 1975-1980 Laguna Seca Stallion Station Hospital Manager

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