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  • Awakening the Dormant Dragon: Neurological Form of Equine Herpesvirus-1

    Important information about EHV and EHM from the CEH Horse Report, a publication of the UC Davis Center for Equine Health, UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine.

  • How To Place a Foot Poultice/Bandage

    Your veterinarian may recommended a foot poultice to treat a sole bruise, foot abscess or other condition. (Note that if your horse is shod, the shoe will need to be removed to place the poultice. Your veterinarian will advise you regarding shoe removal.) Wrapping a bandage around your horse’s hoof to keep the poultice in place can be tricky. In this video, Dr. Jacquelyn Dietrich shows you how to place a foot poultice and securely wrap a bandage around the hoof. (Be sure to turn up your sound!)

  • How To Bandage the Lower Leg

    In this video, Dr. Danielle Price shows you how to securely wrap a bandage around a horse’s lower leg. (Be sure to turn up your sound!)

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  • Steinbeck Peninsula Equine Clinics | Horse Veterinarians | California

    Beach Riders Dr. Russ Peterson Dr. Laramie Winfield Beach Riders 1/8 Providing world-class equine health care Respectfully partnering with referring DVMs

  • Steinbeck Peninsula Equine Clinics | Pharmacy & Veterinary Technicians

    Veterinary / Pharmacy Staff Hadley Bickford RVT Lead Hospital Technician Menlo Park Giga Cullen Veterinary Technician Hospital Manager Salinas Kate Brown ​ Pharmacy Manager Ashley Hartwig RVT Tricia Azevedo Veterinary Technician Shay Magditch RVT Vivian Ballard Veterinary Technician Emilie Dexter Veterinary Technician Ellen Rayl Veterinary Technician Melissa Tanzillo Veterinary Technician Hailey Hawthorn Veterinary Technician Brittany Romero Veterinary Technician Matthew Zamudio Veterinary Technician Elizabeth Beltran Veterinary Technician Jenelle Kamian Veterinary Technician Madison Scott Veterinary Technician Join Our Team! LEARN MORE Kory Campodonica-Lave Veterinary Technician Jenny Mize Veterinary Technician Nikki Stoke Veterinary Technician >

  • Steinbeck Peninsula Equine Clinics | Horse Veterinarians | Office Staff

    Office Staff Nelita Aldape Operations Manager Salinas Nicki Hansen Penny Gallagher Anne Krupa Analynn Patterson Menlo Park Christine Eppstein Tina Mastrangelo >

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