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Shane Halbleib

Primary Clinic: Salinas

Shane hails from Santa Cruz, where her mom “brought her up in a barn.” Within 48 hours of Shane’s birth, her mom had her out with the horses, so horses have always been an important part of who she is. Shane was introduced to the medical field early: Her mom is a nurse and her dad is a dentist, so medical talk was often heard at the dinner table. She knew she loved horses but didn’t realize she wanted to be a veterinarian until the summer before she left for college, when she worked with Dr. Kacie Wells as a veterinary assistant. Within two weeks, she changed her major from English Secondary Education to the Animal Science Pre-Veterinary track.


Shane earned her Bachelors in Animal Science from the University of Kentucky. After growing up riding English and jumping, she learned Team Roping and joined the Rodeo Team at the University of Kentucky. She went on to earn her Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine (DVM) from Tuskegee University.


Shane owns and rides her two horses: Rory and her colt Oliver. She also has two Australian Shepherds: Tazo and Major, as well as a pygmy Nubian-cross goat named Harriet, whose mother passed away shortly after her delivery, so Shane has been caring for her since she was just 3 hours old. When Shane is not working, she likes to hike, be outdoors with her animals, and spend time with friends and family.

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