Jacquelyn Dietrich


Primary Clinic: Menlo Park

Dr. Jackie Dietrich is originally from Vacaville, CA and studied Animal Science at Cal Poly SLO where she managed their horse unit and was involved in many equine programs. She interned at Lazy E Ranch, Oklahoma, where she sale-prepped yearlings and was a foaling attendant. She then moved to New Zealand to attend Massey University for veterinary school. Jackie began her career at Peninsula Equine Medical Center, interning with the staff to further gain advanced knowledge in sports medicine and general health management of the equine athlete.  She is now an associate at Steinbeck Peninsula Equine Clinics and completed the Chi Institute acupuncture course in 2019. In her continued effort to provide a higher level of care to her patients, Dr. Dietrich is also now taking more advanced lameness courses. Her career interests include equine ophthalmology, emergency medicine, acupuncture, and sports medicine.


Outside of work, Jackie enjoys gardening, hiking, boxing, and spending time with her dog (Benjie) and cats (Joey & Catrick).