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Alix Morrison

Veterinary Technician

Primary Location: Menlo Park

Alix’s love for horses began at age six. As a junior, Alix competed in the hunter ring all over the East Coast. Her most notable accomplishments were with her horses Carter and Fish. Alix attended Colorado State University and completed her Bachelors degree in Equine Science with a minor in Real Estate. In college, she started doing ranch horse versatility and was hooked. She got to participate in the Legends of Ranching program and start a young ranch horse. Alix still rides both disciplines with her horses, Fish, Dorito and Critter. Alix would like to take this opportunity to say “thank you” to all of the horses in her life that got her where she is today. When she’s not working or riding horses, Alix caters to her cats, Orange, Burt and Pog, and enjoys spending time with her fiancé, Tristan.

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