Katia Navarro

Special International Veterinary Assistant*

Primary Location: Menlo Park

Katia was born and raised in Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico. She has had horses and ridden all her life, along with both of her parents and her older brother. Her primary riding discipline has been jumping and she currently owns two mares. She also has three dogs named Aby, Freda, and Bonnie.

Katia has always loved animals and been interested in medicine, so becoming a veterinarian seemed like a good choice to her. She also loves being outdoors, and as an equine veterinarian she gets the chance to be outside every day.

Katia studied veterinary medicine at Universidad de Guadalajara. During a two-week externship at Steinbeck Peninsula Equine Clinics, she was delighted at how welcomed she felt and how eager everyone was to teach and show her new things. She liked what the SPEC veterinarians did and how they worked, so that convinced her to pursue her international veterinary licensure while working in the U.S. as a veterinary assistant at SPEC. Her primary areas of interest are sports medicine and rehabilitation. She says she’s also interested in doing more imaging work because it’s a vital tool for diagnosis, but she also just wants to use her time at SPEC to remain open to new experiences and keep learning.

When not working, Katia enjoys both playing and watching sports, especially soccer and tennis.

*Graduate of an international veterinary program, working toward international licensure