Meredith Chamberlain


Primary Clinic: Salinas

Originally from Connecticut, Meredith got her start in horses through riding lessons at a Morgan breeding farm beginning at the age of four. Riding lessons eventually became a working student position with management of the farm's foaling season. Horses continued to be not only a passion but a profession as she spent two summers as a trail guide in Colorado on a guest ranch and worked as an ICU technician at an equine referral hospital.


Meredith attended the University of Vermont for her undergraduate studies earning a Bachelor of Science in Zoology before moving to Prince Edward Island, Canada to attend the Atlantic Veterinary College. While in veterinary school she developed an interest in organized veterinary medicine and served as an executive member of the Student American Veterinary Medical Association and helped found a business society at her alma mater. Her professional interests include sports medicine, neonatology, equine welfare and organized veterinary medicine.


In her spare time, Meredith enjoys riding her mare M'Lady, hanging out with her cats Lucy and Ethel, her dog Sitka, and partner Taylor. Some of her favorite hobbies include baking, knitting, and taking every opportunity to get outside for a hike and experience a new place.

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